Erin Hoover

2018 was a pivotal year for Transformations. Although our company and it’s unique renewable furniture is well-known in education environments—with product placements at many colleges and universities throughout the USA—our advance into Hospitality markets is fairly new. Our first major trade show was BDNY in 2017, where we were honored to win a BDNY, Best In Show, Sustainability Award!

Since then, we’ve been working hard on refining our products, adapting them to more perfectly meet the tastes and requirements of Hospitality designers & specifiers.

Enter Erin Hoover! Erin has helped us introduce a completely new product series called Ava. As a storied veteran of the Hospitality industry, she brings a sensitivity for detail and scale that makes the new series wonderfully appropriate for all Hospitality environments. In addition, Erin is excited to bring Transformations features, including removable fabrics, improved ROI, sustainability and unique product warranties to the markets she knows so well!


Erin Hoover is an interior design and branding leader, focused on creating impactful spaces and experiences. Her diverse background includes work in the hospitality, luxury retail and entertainment industries for a wide range of brands, from Fortune 500 to startups. Her clients have included Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Sheraton, Giorgio Armani and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Erin has been working closely with our product development team to bring about refinements, detailing, superior comfort and scale.

In addition, every product we design allows for the removal and replacement of fabrics, on-site, which greatly increases the useful lifespan of our furniture and the effective ROI.


Hospitality design is the perfect expression of 24-7 brand storytelling. Everything we design is an opportunity to create a memorable experience for the guest, and inspire an emotional connection to the brand. —Erin Hoover