Transformations Hospitality is a family-owned business whose history goes back three generations.

When world-war-II ended, great-grandpa Wieland found himself scrambling to provide for his growing family. He opened the Du-All shop in Bay City, Michigan, providing all manner of services from lawn-mower repair to hair cutting to reupholstering furniture. Furniture won out and as his four sons joined him, the company evolved into a retail furniture store selling the family’s own brand of mid-century modern furniture.

The manufacturing side of the company showed the most potential, and the Wieland brand began to become popular in retail markets throughout Michigan and the Midwest. As the next generation took over, the oldest of the sons, Roy Wieland, began to design furniture that would withstand the rigors of mental-health environments. The new designs were built on extremely rugged frames that had fabrics that could be removed and replaced when they became soiled. This was a very welcome feature within this sector: Furniture could be kept new-looking indefinitely while maximizing ROI at the same time.

Obviously, because of the benefits these products offered, they were perfect for many other commercial environments as well, and soon, the educational, healthcare and hospitality industries were very interested too.

Largely because of the innovative products the Wieland family invented, Renewability had become a buzz-word for commercial furniture and, by the time Roy’s son, Brace Wieland, started Transformations in 1997, it had become the standard.

Since then, Transformations products have been tweaked, improved and refined to handle whatever abuse can be thrown at them, and to look good while doing it. Each design is constructed upon a flexible, component system that can be customized to satisfy any design requirement or product spec. With a 15-year warranty, and the ability to change fabrics on-site, without special skills or tools. the furniture can be kept in service for much longer than traditional furniture, thus dramatically improving the ROI while also providing a much more sustainable product that is friendly to our planet.