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dollars & sense

Save your brand money by replacing only what’s necessary. Upgrade your guest experience without buying all-new furniture. Transformations helps you keep your furniture as good as new forever. It’s like getting a warehouse full of replacement furniture every time you buy a single piece. By saving you time, energy and money, Transformations will change your expectations of guest-room furniture.

And while you’re saving money on your furniture investment, you’ll also be eliminating downtime and preserving your guest experience.

Since you can’t protect your furniture, protect your furniture investment. To you, upholstered furniture is a big investment. To everyone else, it’s just a place to sit.

Before Transformations Furniture, you had to buy new furniture every few years—or even, much sooner! By making it easy to change the cover or individual parts, Transformations changes the game. When your fabric gets damaged or outdated, refresh the cover as often as you like. If something breaks, order a single replacement part or component. After spending just a few minutes, the fabric is back to brand-new—no tools required.


Easy To Keep Clean

Our furniture won’t replace your vacuum cleaners, or the need for fresh towels, but it sure will play a major role in keeping your upholstered furniture looking inviting and clean, day-after-day, week-after-week, for years to come. And we’ll be there when your spec changes too! You won’t have to bear the cost of replacing all your furniture. Just replacement your fabrics and be up to speed quickly and effeciently.

When you put new furniture in your guest rooms, it works for a while. And then it doesn’t. Normally, as soon as the furniture no longer presents a pretty picture, no longer meets your spec, it has to be replaced. Things are different with upholstered furniture from Transformations. Simply change the fabric, or replace a broken part, on-site, with no downtime and without special skills or tools.


custom design & Flexibility


All Transformations products are built around a componentized framework that expands readily. Ordinary furniture companies will sometimes agree to create customs when pushed. We do it every day. It’s who we are.

Because many of our furniture designs are custom-designed and built to meet a designers spec, our product line is constantly evolving. In addition to our existing product line, our catalog is, in a sense, a curated sketchbook of designs we’ve created for other properties and designers.

Our unique construction is built around a collection of modular components, separate arms, backs, seats and frames. This provides us several advantages: Each component allows access for our replaceable fabrics, allows the furniture to be serviced on-site and allows for design & construction flexibility.

We’re looking forward to what we can create with you!


beautifully Designed & Built in Indiana

Our close proximity to major population centers and the Great Lakes shipping channels puts us square in the middle of heartland commerce.

Our roots are here in the midwest. We’ve learned a strong work-ethic and a pride in being associated with our high-quality products and the dedicated people who make them. We stand behind what we make. Our 15-year warranty has created a new standard for the hospitality industry, and our innovative products and features are making waves wherever they make an appearance.

It’s not easy to find products that combine form & function so successfully. Patented construction mechanisms, combined with the ease of changing fabrics on-site, make this the furniture of choice for facilities who are concerned with maintaining a beautiful guest experience.

Transformations Hospitality furniture is designed and built in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We experience many benefits of being located in the heartland of America. Our cost of living is lower, we have ready-access to raw materials and labor, and our taxes are lower than many other business locations.


reduced ecological footprint

During construction, we repurpose everything we can—turning leftover foam, wood and fabric into carpet padding, animal bedding and handbags. Our conscientious choices keep waste out of landfills. Year after year, your truly renewable Transformations Furniture will do the same. Learn more here.

The best way to make more sustainable products is to make them to last for a very long time. You won’t find furniture that lasts longer than Transformations—it will see you through many refresh cycles, renovations and updates. It just keep working for you and your guests. Of course, what this does for your bottom line is really great too!

Transformations brings a much more sustainable approach to upholstered furniture. Ordinary furniture spends a short time in your property before spending a lifetime in a landfill. Transformations Furniture is different. Our replacement fabrics and parts keep furniture fresh, functional and out of landfills for decades, greatly reducing furniture.

For every chair that is refreshed instead of thrown away, you and Transformations save about 1.7 cubic feet of landfill space. But our sustainable approach doesn’t stop there. Because we’re passionate about extending the lifespan of our furniture, we decided to do the same with our unused materials.

Unused Foam is shredded into soft carpet padding

Unused Foam is shredded into soft carpet padding

Unused Wood is made into soft bedding for livestock

Unused Wood is made into soft bedding for livestock

Unused Fabric is sewn into custom bags and totes

Unused Fabric is sewn into custom bags and totes