Brace and Brenda Wieland, founders and co-owners of Transformations Furniture.

Brace & Brenda Wieland were both raised in entrepreneurial families and have spent their lives in business-building mode. They understand that there are no shortcuts to success and no magic formulas.

If you’ve already become one of our customers over our 30-year history, we and our valued team members thank you so much. One of our primary goals is to always produce products that we—and our customers—can be proud of. It’s also very important to us to create a working environment that feels like family to our employees, many of whom have been with us for decades!

If you aren’t familiar with us, let’s get started! There are many, many reasons you’ll want to check us out to see how our renewable furniture can help you keep your properties looking fresh & new, reduce your environmental footprint and dramatically improve your bottom line. You can find all our contact information here.


I can’t really remember a time when my life wasn’t closely related to the furniture indusry. My grandfather started a reupholstery business in his basement during the depression. Later, my dad and his three brothers expanded into retail and, finally, into manufacturing.

In the years that followed, my dad, my brothers and I created a leading contract furniture manufacturing company that introduced the world to the concept of Renewability, a method of manufacturing furniture that empowers hotels, resorts, hospitals, universities, government facilities and commercial environments to quickly and easily maintain or replace the fabrics on their furniture.

As Brenda and I carry on the traditions started by my grandfather generations ago, our goal is the same as his was—to be innovators, not followers. Our furniture is not ordinary furniture. It can be renewed when the world has been hard on it.

Take a look at Transformations. Our furniture looks better longer. And so will your properties and facilities.

—Brace Wieland