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All key players in the hospitality industry have reasons to love Transformations Furniture:


Because ROI always matters. Since Transformations Furniture can be refreshed whenever it needs it, the furniture looks better longer. When fabrics get dirty or worn, the guest experience suffers. In the old days, before Transformations, furniture would just be thrown away, discarded and wasted. And all the money spent on new furniture, which would also be thrown away before long, would also be wasted.

This outdated practice plays havoc with the bottom line. Transformations allows an owner to refresh his property with beautiful new fabrics when needed and to maximize their furniture purchase over and over again, keeping everything looking fresh and beautiful the entire time..


Because aesthetics matter; all the time. Changing fabrics on Transformations Furniture requires no special skills and no special tools and can be done on-location with no downtime. So, whether fabrics are needing to be changed because they’ve gotten soiled or worn, or because a Refresh is in order, the furniture can always look its best
—just the way the designers designed it!

Purchasing Agents/Dealers

When it comes to furniture, concerns for purchasing agents & dealers are similar to the concerns of owners; all furniture purchases need to make sense, and the features and prices of Product A need to be compared to Product B. When considering the unique cost benefits and longevity that Transformations offers, they really are in a field of their own: cost effective, beautiful, renewable and the most sustainable furniture available.


Because a happy guest is a repeat guest, time and time again.



With Transformations,
it’s a matter of common sense.

Our furniture is not ordinary. Once you understand how different it is, you’ll wonder why you would ever choose something else for your hospitality properties. It’s simply better. It’s a better guest experience. It’s better for PIP’s and spec changes. It’s better for your bottom line and ROI. It’s better for our environment.

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If it's ordinary furniture, not very long.
If you choose Transformations, your furniture will last for a very long time, through many refreshes and for many, many happy guests!


All Transformations upholstered furniture has removable and replaceable fabrics. This means that your furniture can be kept in fresh condition for many, many years. In addition to keeping your facilities looking great, it will cost you less money over time.

As you know, even brand new furniture can be ruined overnight. It’s a terrible waste (and cost) to be replacing furniture when you can simply refresh it. The fabrics on Transformations Hospitality furniture can be replaced on-site, with no special skills or tools. Very quickly, a dirty room can be put back into service. Of course, over time, this can be a tremendous cost saver.

In addition, replacement fabrics allow you to stay current when PIP’s or spec changes come around by just changing the covers instead of replacing the complete furniture.


Our furniture features Qualux Ultra Foam, known for its durability and comfort. This helps to keep your furniture looking its best, while preserving your guest’s experience—each time they are seated.